Here's what past clients say:

“After being at the same company for four years, my job application writing skills were a little rusty. Laura went line by line through my resume and cover letter and gave me extremely detailed and thoughtful edits on both content as well as design and formatting. Her feedback was so constructive yet positive, and it made me feel way more confident about the qualifications I had listed on my resume. After working with Laura I felt way more prepared to take on the job application process, and within a week of applying with my new resume I received multiple requests for interviews. Can’t recommend her enough!" Danielle, Technology Business Analyst 

"I asked Laura to help me out with my resume, which was in desperate need of a good overhaul. Within a week she sent her edited version back to me (in PDF and InDesign format!) with a lengthy note on what changes she made and why. Beyond refreshing the whole look, she streamlined its content into a structure that made much more sense. Her edits were clever and purposeful. Very grateful for her generous assistance and keen eye!" Aurelie, Writer/Reporter

"I was very impressed by Laura's resume and cover letter writing skills. With her knowledge, efficiency and thoroughness I was able to apply to multiple jobs successfully with interviews. She took time to explain why each edit was made and how it should align for a resume. I highly recommend Laura to anyone that needs to update their resume or cover letter, she is brilliant!" Kriti, Account Manager

"Laura first helped me with her editing services when it came to writing all of my supplemental essays for college applications. I could not be happier with the results! I have never been a strong writer and Laura truly helped me get all of my essays to as close to perfect as possible. I used her editing services into college as well, when applying to societies or clubs. I would not have been able to make my writing sound so professional if it weren't for her." Casey, Class of 2020

"Laura was amazing to work with! She was highly professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. In a short amount of time, Laura provided thorough advice and helped me rejuvenate my outdated resume. My resume now effectively summarizes my work experience to highlight my strengths and is tailored for visual design positions."Ally, Visual Designer 

"Laura was a lifesaver! She helped me tighten up the language in my cover letters and resume. I struggle with keeping my writing tight and to the point, she was able to identify where and how I could word things more efficiently." Sophia, Illustrator & Designer

"When I was looking for internships in college, getting my resume to stand out was important — luckily I had Laura to review mine. She gave me very comprehensive notes and advice on how to improve my resume to make it truly unique. I still use the format she recommended to me to this day." Emily, TV Editor/Colorist